• When calculating binding, the entire perimeter must be measured, including ins and outs. Please double check all diagrams to verify binding totals and to ensure that no dimension is missing. When figuring geometric shapes (i.e. circles) calculate as if it was a square or rectangle. This will be more footage, but this will cover the additional work it will take to cut these shapes.

  • Special instructions should ALWAYS be listed. All desired sizes should appear, especially for roll runners. Notations about diagrams or templates should appear. Sales associates name should be listed in the event questions arise pertaining to their order.

  • Always order 3 extra inches of carpet per cut. This allows us to square and straighten the carpet edges to precise dimensions. Follow the same rule when cutting stock carpet.

  • In stock carpeting should be cut at point of sale. This will ensure that your carpet will be ready in time for pick-up. This will also guarantee that your carpet won't be out of stock when you try to cut it later.

  • PAFCO Products picks up orders from your store on specific days of the week. Carpets should be at the service desk counter ready for pick-up. PAFCO Products driver can only afford to wait 10 minutes if orders are not ready.

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