PAFCO Products, Inc receives shipment of broadloom carpet for Buffalo area.

  • Broadloom carpets can be mill ordered and made into area rugs.
  • Area rugs may be cut and edged to any shape and size requested.
  • Cut outs for fireplaces, doorways, hallways etc. may be made as long as a diagram is provided.
  • Rounded corners, circles, ovals, octagons or any geometric shape can be made and edged.
  • Broadloom carpet for boats, cars, airplane, and bathrooms can be cut and edged as long as a template is provided.
  • Broadloom carpet can also be cut and edged for stair runner installation.
  • When ordering broadloom carpet for area rugs, it is recommended to order 3 extra inches of carpet. This allows us to square and straighten the carpet edges to your precise dimensions.
  • Broadloom carpet should be shipped directly to PAFCO Products. This will improve the turn around time on your order.

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