PAFCO Products provides carpet seaming services to the Buffalo and Western New York Region.

Felt Backing - Provides protective barrier between area rug backing and underneath surface. This product may be used over any surface. Recommended for area rugs and runners of any size.

Quad Skid Resistant Backing

  • Excellent for over any hard surface. This is a latex based product and will not harm any hard surface.
  • Can be used for area rugs of any size but commonly used for rugs 6' x 9' or smaller
  • Permanently adhered and bound to carpet

Felt Backing

  • Action backed carpet is abrasive. Felt provides a soft protective barrier between the carpet and the surface underneath
  • May be used over any surface including another carpet, but is not skid resistant
  • Permanently adhered and bound to carpet

Durahold Cushion

  • DuraHold is a skid resistant fiber cushion
  • Great for oriental rugs
  • Recommended for rugs not weighted down by furniture, especially throw rugs

Synthetic Fiber Cushion

  • Fiber Cushion is 3/8" thick
  • A firm based cushion prevents area rugs from wrinkling
  • Non allergenic
  • Recommended for any style area rug larger than 5' x 7'
  • NOT recommended for smaller area rug – too slippery

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